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• Welcome new client, Lorrie Werden, whose manuscript (now at the publisher's) and sympathetic heroine deliver a powerful, emotive read for Sandy as editor.

"Sandy's editor skills are phenomenal. I felt totally safe in her literary hands for my first fiction novella. Sandy completely assimilated my character and offered ideas that kept the storyline moving, even when I had writer's block! Her rapid response was especially important with a publisher waiting for my manuscript, 'Black Blood'. Working with her as a communication advisor was a breath of fresh air. I cannot recommend her any higher than pure perfection." /L. Werden, author

• Welcome to new client, Helen R., whose handwritten stories will be polished into a memoir project shared with family in this, her 90th smilestone year.

Next workshops? Ask about Storytelling Your Stuff (memorabilia show 'n tell) and Storytelling Your Life (memoirs).

Heeere's Father's Day
"Dad loved watching Johnny Carson... In my father's last days, the talk show legend was one of his final visitors... I'm grateful to recall far more than our final times... I revisit our era... Relive it with me..." more
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Music revs the right brain – creativity. Spark it with songs* for Father's Day.

Daddy's Home (mp3 3.5MB) C. Richard
Dance With My Father (mp3 5.2MB) L. Vandross
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