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e-zine archives current5 Ways Wordsmithing's Like Interior Design
House proud, owners of attractive homes... elements that appeal are the same as hallmarks of good writing – best practices of communicators and decorators... read

enlarge news article♦ Sandy thanks creative agers' energy in her full-to-capacity Storytelling Your Life (jpg 887kb) seminars at Byron Library.
"Great facilitator, wonderful humour... so warm, helpful... positive environment..." read kudos from adult learners.
Londoner interview (jpg 391kb) of Sandy and programs. →

♦ Repeat client, Kathy Smith, and Sandy brainstorm business content to position the what's next for Kathy's consulting and community programming for adults 50+.

"Working with Sandy is invigorating and inspiring. As a communication advisor, she draws on her impressive, highly respected experience to provide helpful analysis, feedback, and guidance. I especially value her ability to... " read more

♦ Dues paid and Sandy's now a friend in the Association of Personal Historians.

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