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Sandy, daughter of a veteran and his war bride, is a proud new member of Royal Canadian Legion Byron-Springbank 533, where she's already an active volunteer at dances and poppy drive.

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Welcome back to repeat client Julia Igras, Canadian Scholarship Trust. Her project: a diplomatic business letter. Kind words of thanks include hers:

"Love the work [Sandy] did; writing an important letter; the right tone, respectful, candid; I'm very appreciative; suggestions were spot on; end result covered all the issues and in a professional manner."

Sandy reflects on 25 years (so far) for Word's Worth, launched November 1992.

QuillJoy, delighting in all things communication:
Wordsmithing — Olde Time Is Up?

Even if wordsmith is an oldy-worldy term, its craft – communicating well – is as vital now (Mr. President) as ever. We text. We post. Brevity is our calling card, it seems... Brief or not, subject matter now is often serious, necessarily so. If only today's communiques had a touch of olde time instead... phrasing like...

Music revs right brain creativity. Spark yours with songs* in a nod to olde time.

Same Old Song Boyz II Men (mp3 4.7MB)
Every Time You Go Away Hall & Oates (mp3 6.6MB)
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