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• Congrats to Helen R., whose handwritten stories were polished by Sandy as a memoir project for family in this, Helen's 90th year.

"Thanks to Sandy for her work on my first writing endeavour. It's been good for me. I appreciate her interest and help all the way."
Son, David:
"This memoir's an opportunity for Mum to share amazing stories. She'd been shy about sharing... Sandy coaxed Mum in ways that left her feeling heard and happy... very positive... storytelling is a powerful tool." [more]

Lorrie Werden's fiction novella is at the publisher's! Black Blood's sympathetic heroine delivers a powerful, emotive read for Sandy, this new client's editor. Kudos.

"Sandy's editor skills are phenomenal. I felt totally safe in her literary hands for my first novella. [She] completely assimilated my character, offered ideas that kept the storyline moving, even when I had writer's block... especially with a publisher waiting... her as my communication advisor was a breath of fresh air." [more]

• Sandy's poem, I Visit in Winter (pdf 74kb), honours elders and she's privileged to work with many for memoir projects, story circles, etc. (Enjoy her other works, too, including QuillJoy, delighting in all things communication.)

Music revs the right brain – creativity. Spark it with Rock the Park performers*:

Boyz II Men (mp3 4.7MB) End of the Road, feat. Brian McKnight
En Vogue (mp3 6.9MB) My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)
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