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Communication Services

You have stories to share – business content, family history, tributes. Luckily, this communicator-on-call has expertise – 25 years and counting. Valued by clients, Sandy welcomes you among them for:

well-crafted writing • feedback and content strategy on your draft • workshops (pdf 141kb) on memoirs, etc. • story circle • interviews to draw out anecdotes.

Why stories?

"We can wait too long to write stories... gone, all we have are fragments."

A story shared is a human connection, impactful. Its legacy, if lost, leaves regret.

As a personal history, Storytelling Your Life (pdf 141kb) memoir projects may be on a single theme or era, or more broad. Honour pivotal people, times well lived, the Sunday supper stories of loved ones. Or in business, credibility lives in narratives – of success, how you've earned the right. Market that. Note that in About Us.

Why Sandy?

Get a sense of this wordsmith and peers (communicators, arts teachers, historians) to feel comfortable collaborating. Knowing your investment range is key, as budget will influence options that best fit. Fees are total not hourly for your stories well told, your Word's Worth.