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Sandy's Works to Read or Listen to ♫

March epilepsy campaign – Sandy's story and of creativity and seizures (pdf 121kb)

Heart, Humour
latest QuillJoy, delighting in all things communication, and an archived encore selection (11) of QJs with heart and humour, from honouring a WWII codebreaker, and a role-model father, to ghostwriting for Santa

✑ client, father-of-groom + first home + tooth fairy – for sentimental smilestones
✑ clients, The Londoner + web reviews – sprinkle humour as a hook (pdf 32kb)
enjoy participants' compositions, too (e.g. Unknown Soldier), from story circle

History, Profiles
✑ client, City of London – Immigrants/Working career success stories 500-word x5
✑ Beryl Howe, WWII codebreaker (pdf 439kb) in Hut 6 at Bletchley Park
✑ mini-profile of proprietor, age 88 (pdf 191kb), still actively leading North Star Ice
✑ Forest City Flashback: 100 Years to a Younger Old South (pdf 154kb), 1920-50s
✑ 85-year history of organization (pdf 232kb), South Collegiate

Promotion, Business
✑ clients in coaching and finance – marketing tips, clients' before/after (pdf 240kb)
✑ repeat client, M. Keetch Financial – business advertorial (pdf 150kb) in magazine
media campaign (pdf 289kb), interviews – retired teachers instruct adult alumni
homecoming (pdf 773kb) at one-of-just-four Canadian high schools who run one
homepreneur network portal of articles, links, ideas from brainstorming micro biz

for Spoken Word
✑ client, City of London – video's intro ♫ scripted and narrated (YouTube, 48sec)
✑ client, Lucan trade show, Keetch – ♫ radio ad (mp3 1.15MB) rescript (pdf 240kb)
✑ client, hospital senior exec. – college convocation speech (pdf 62kb)
tooth fairy poem ♫ read aloud by Sandy (mp3 872kb) and tongue-twister
✑ as playwright, wins funniest at Fringe Festival for Playing with Matches