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Sandy's Works • Heart, Humour

QuillJoy's a two-minute touchpoint delighting in all things communication, and this select archive showcases heart and humour in Sandy's writing.
And as well as QuillJoy ...

History, Profiles
✑ client, City of London – 500-word career success stories, immigrants are working
✑ Beryl Howe, WWII codebreaker (pdf 439kb) in Hut 6 at Bletchley Park
✑ 1920-50s Forest City Flashback: 100 Years to a Younger Old South (pdf 154kb)
South Collegiate history + reunions, e.g. retired teachers return to instruct alumni
epilepsy awareness, Sandy's story, science of creativity and seizure (pdf 121kb)

Commemorative Rhyme
✑ client, groom's father – Beyond, toast / poem to include loved ones recently gone
I Visit in Winter (pdf 74kb) honours elders, Sandy's privileged to work with many
✑ Secret of the Tooth Fairies ♫ also read aloud by Sandy (mp3 872kb)
✑ tongue-twister, Priscilla's Whistle Wish, ideal fun for toothless times
✑ mortgage burning to celebrate A Home

Spoken Word
✑ client, City of London – video's intro ♫ scripted and narrated (YouTube, 48sec)
✑ client, trade show, M. Keetch – ♫ radio ad (mp3 1.15MB) rescripted (pdf 240kb)
✑ client, hospital senior exec. – college convocation speech (pdf 62kb)
✑ as playwright, wins Funniest Show at Fringe Festival for Playing with Matches
✑ read aloud by Sandy (mp3 872kb) ♫ her poem, Secret of the Tooth Fairies

Participants' Works, e.g. Letter to Unknown Soldier, composed in story circles

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