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Even now – after the last of 150+ forums for 700 homepreneurs in its 15-year run – Sandy's proud to have founded and led (history, pdf 35kb) this niche community of home-based entrepreneurs. She champions micro business still, true to our A.I.M. for Affiliation, Information, Motivation, with resource links, articles and reports, and gladly takes calls for 'preferral' leadsknow a homepreneur who...?

Articles by Sandy

The first two reports are collective insights from our focused discussion, and are representative of our forums for hundreds of homepreneurs. Enjoy:

• Homepreneurs' Hindsights; riding the rollercoaster that is 'biz' (pdf 40kb)
• 16 Topics, Mastermind forums (pdf 54b) with homepreneurs
Naming Your Business (pdf 41kb)
The Londoner column on home business (pdf 79kb), with a little humour.

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2006 print interview in The Londoner (pdf 111kb) +
on TV for London's ntl. win as home biz-friendly city
New Day Live, Bevin Palmateer, March 2003
full photo by K. Allistone
→ (Jim) Chapman Live, May 2003 →

Your Kind Appreciation

"How well Sandy facilitates, revitalizes my thinking, everyone's heard, helps with examples when we're stumped, successful brainstorms result [from] facilitator and participants respecting, trusting; Sandy certainly creates such."

"Thanks for connections | empowering | refreshing | amazing to hear ideas, meet new people | I always learn | of all groups, I enjoy this most, in part due to Sandy's insight and customer service | always delightful host | warm, upbeat, genuinely concerned for members' success".