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Even now, after the last of 150 forums for 700 proprietors in a 15-year run, Sandy's proud to have founded and led (pdf 35kb) this niche community. She champions home-based entrepreneurs and micro business still, true to our A.I.M. for Affiliation, Information, Motivation, with resource links, articles, reports, and gladly takes calls for 'preferral' leadsknow a homepreneur who...?

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The first two reports are collective insights from our focused discussion. Enjoy:

• Homepreneurs' Hindsights; riding the rollercoaster that is 'biz' (pdf 40kb)
• 16 Topics, Mastermind forums (pdf 54b) with homepreneurs
Naming Your Business (pdf 41kb)
• (below) Home Alone – Not Lonely

2006 print interview in The Londoner (pdf 111kb) +
on TV for London's national win as home biz-friendly city
New Day Live, Bevin Palmateer, March 2003
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"How well Sandy facilitates, revitalizes my thinking, everyone's heard, helps with examples when we're stumped, successful brainstorms result [from] facilitator and participants respecting, trusting; Sandy certainly creates such."

"Thanks for connections | empowering | refreshing | amazing to hear ideas, meet new people | I always learn | of all groups, I enjoy this most, in part due to Sandy's insight and customer service | always delightful host | warm, upbeat, genuinely concerned for members' success".

Home Alone – Not Lonelyclient, The Londoner, 500-word column

Remember Macaulay in Home Alone films, slapping cherubic cheeks as he screams blue murder by the bathroom mirror? Sure, alone is traumatic at 12, but freeing, even fantasy-come-true, in adulthood. Then, the honeymoon's over, and the whole idea of doing business from the bedroom (not what you're thinking) has gone from inspiration to isolation.

Take my own home invasion. Think early 1990s, the fallout of the first firings (sorry, 'restructuring'), and I'm one of 100 leaving my employer. Monday morn, apres downsizing and I am – like that Culkin kid – home alone.

OK. This is good. I have time to think, to hear myself think. Minutes pass, as do three cups of tea through my bladder. Slippers feel good? Yup. Sweats too tight? Nope. I think this will work. No chatty peers peering in my cubicle to visit. No office gossip or politics. No suck-up competition to be last to leave. Then, delusions of grandeur dissolve into micro biz reality and there you sit: a home-based entrepreneur.

Corporate phones once despised for flashing, lines lit like airport runways, are now begged to ring. You send envelopes to yourself so a courier will come and you'll see another human. Postal carriers – be afraid. We wait with warm muffins or cold lemonade, hoping you'll linger. Of course, this is about the time the in-laws start dropping by... with the dogs... in crocheted outfits (the pets, not the relatives). Should have wished for clients, not company.

But, all at home is not hopeless. Homepreneurs have many ways to handle the solitude of soloing. Investment rep, David Beach, reflects on inspiring prose for renewal. Dani Howarth, in secretarial services, finds her guinea pigs and dogs to be "the best listeners, agreeing with everything". Life coach, Anouschka [Vanden Bosch], tries a change of scenery, from keyboard to backyard. "I watch birds and squirrels, and my cat and I decide we live a good life." What's with all these animals; are they the answer? HR specialist, Sandra Safran, suggests "meeting a colleague for lunch or coffee at least twice a month... If you discuss business, you can expense part". Interior decorator, Tracey White, relies on networking groups plus email to "share ideas and time with like-minded people". And what of music? Promotions supplier, Carroll Sturgeon, enjoys the company of Barry White (Manilow for me, please). Ending on a philosophical look at this loneliness thing, Carroll reminds us of perks. She accomplishes far more now, even with fridge trips and cat naps. Besides, she muses, "I'm not alone – simply with myself".
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