Preserve Your Stories – Don't Lose Their Legacy

"We can wait too long to write and capture stories of aging parents. Suddenly they're gone, and [we] realize all we have are fragments rather than the whole fascinating story of how [my mother] saw her life unfold from on-the-road musician at 16, emigrating to Canada as a young wife, to becoming a grandmother and award-winning real estate agent at retirement."
Jill P. • client, story workshop

"Wish I'd written or recorded her stories – Gram lived to 100 – that she proudly shared with anyone who was interested. As you can imagine, she experienced and witnessed a lot of things over the years. Gram was a wealth of history and information, growing up in Springbank Park, having to build her home and raise children while her spouse [fought] in WWII, living through the great depression, changes in technology, etc. If only they'd been documented, they'd be a valuable resource but also would bring back valuable memories of my wonderful Grandmother."
Shelley M. • Alzheimer Outreach Services