Commemorations in Rhymeby Sandy Ross

wedding toastfirst tooth (fairy) ✒ tongue-twisterfirst home

BEYOND — father-of-the-groom (Sandy wrote speech + toast)

"Not a single dry eye", said a thankful client as Sandy fulfilled his poignant request to mention recently-deceased grandparents so the groom could feel them included in the day.

Beyond the haze of yesteryears, your Nan and I were young.
Beyond the seal of our embrace, our wedding song was sung.
Beyond the gift of family, our loved ones live on yet.
Beyond the maze of memories are bonds you'll not forget.
Beyond is yet another gift, another wedding day
Beyond all we had hoped for you. We're there with you today.
Beyond, your blessing now begins; its path, at times, unsure.
Beyond you'll find the miracles to help your hearts endure.
Beyond these earthly grounds, we gaze and see you filled with joy
Beyond the stars that linger still. We bless you both, my boy.go to top

SECRET of the TOOTH FAIRIESread aloud by author (mp3 872kb)
I have a secret just for you. Come now and cuddle tight.
It's all about the twinkling stars and why they shine so bright.
And how do stars get in the sky? I'll bet you want to know.
I'll whisper you the secret – hush, let's keep our voices low.
There are such things as tooth fairies. They're whimsies, wee and small.
But most folks never see them for they are not big nor tall.
They come at dusk with fairy dust to sprinkle you to sleep,
To help all those who love you to hold you in their keep.
And as you lose your first few teeth and set them out at night,
They flutter down and pick them up with steps so fairy light.
They take the teeth and scatter them across the evening sky,
And they become the stars that shine upon us, by and by.
So, late at night, tuck in your tooth beneath your pillowed head –
Then, in the morning, you will find a treat is there instead.
And on the next dark night, look up. You'll see your tooth's a star.
Then you, dear one, won't doubt that there are fairies... for there are!
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PRISCILLA's WHISTLE WISH – tongue-twister, ideal toothless fun!
Priscilla Hissell's honey hair is up in braids today
so burrs won't bristle into it whenever she's at play
in thicket brush and nettle woods that grow down Bristol way.
The Hissell house – called Thistle-Thatch – is in the midst of Bristol.
It's quite a pretty cottage that's been thatched all out of thistle.
Priscilla's family lives there with her slurping Schnauzer, Snizzle.
Priscilla has one simple wish, to learn the way to whistle.
She's masterful at giggles, wiggles, snuggles, even sniffles,
but wants to whistle wonderfully, so she can call home Snizzle.
Priscilla's grandad, Grizzle Hissell's famous for his whistle –
At taxi cabs, and pretty girls, and even in his sleep, a little.
Priscilla wishes she could whistle just like Grandad Grizzle.
The secret, Grandad Grizzle says, is nothing more than this.
Just purse and pucker up your lips. Pretend to blow a kiss.
Then shoot air through the middle – hard – no trickles, wafts, or wisps.
Priscilla practiced shooting air like super sonic missiles.
She nearly spit she tried so hard, but soon, she learned to whistle.
And now, each night, at Thistle-Thatch, her whistles call home Snizzle. go to top

A HOME — new homeowner, mortgage burning
A house is nothing more than just a brick or wooden dome.
It's years and tears and sharing them that make a house a home.
The morning couple side by side while at the bathroom sink;
The sleepy child who's stumbling late at night to get a drink;
The bedside read, the lullabies, the goodnight prayers and kisses.
Caresses that were stolen in the kitchen doing dishes.
The tea cups that were sometimes dropped and broken on the floor;
The countless goodbye waves and cheerful greetings by the door;
The sunny days spent in the garden adding shrubs and plants;
The candles lit upon the coffee table while they danced.
Each wall of plaster, tile, or wood – each joint or beam above –
Each hut or house or shack is home if it is filled with love.
You've filled this house with memories, and now, it is your own.
Be proud of your accomplishment. It's here that you're at home.
Enjoy your friends and family who celebrate with you
This sweet reward for all your work – your payments now are through!
For all the happy times within these walls you'll come to see
Remember, as you look ahead: the best is yet to be.go to top